Electric Air Pressure Eyes Massager Music Wireless Vibration Heating Therapy Massage

Electric Air Pressure Eyes Massager Music Wireless Vibration Heating Therapy Massage

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1. RELAX YOUR EYES - It helps to relieve eyes strain and headaches by Intelligent air-pressure massaging, infrared light heating massaging, frequency vibration massaging.

2. LASTING FOR LONG TIME - It is built in with the environmental protection lithium battery,with one charge,it can be used continuously for 90 minutes,you can experience it enought without interrupting.

3. ADJUSTABLE ELASTIC HEADBAND - The cover was made of Eco-friendly plastic, your skin would feel comfortable with the super soft skin-care inner cloth, the tightness of elastic headband could fit most people's head.


How to use :

1.Press the power button for 3 second and the product is switched on ,the working status is hot compress;Press it again it will switch to air pressure status.

2.Press the third time it will switch to air press and hot compress together .In this case air press and hot compress work at the same time .

3.Press the power button the forth time for 3-4 seconds it will be turned off .You can do this anytime you want.

How to connect it to bluetooth:

1.Turred on the power and bluetooth signal icon will automatically blink ,connest mobile phone bluetooth to SHUSEN ;

2.Play music in the mobile phone ,adjust the appropriate volume ,and enjoy it .

3.Massagers can only connect one device at the same time ,so if you want to switch device please turn off the device previously connected .

4.Next time when you turn it and the bluetooth will connect it automatically .

How to charge :

Charge through the android USB charging standard ,the power indicator light flshing ,after 2 hours fully charged ,the light will stop flashing and normally on ,please choose normal 5V charger or mobile power supply .


Package Include:

1 x Eye Massager

1 x Instruction Manual

Power by:USB Cable

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